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Currently we see a high demand in our COVID-19 related products and services: nCoV qPCR assays, plasmid controls, ELISA kits or NGS full genome sequencing. Visit our product finder to learn more. The SAFER@WORK™ Programme provides comprehensive solutions to keep your staff and customers safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever you are looking for we guide you to the right solution.



On 1st September 2020, Eurofins Genomics celebrates its 30th anniversary.


The DNA Universe


Testing is the basis of science. Test our Sanger sequencing services and Mycoplasmacheck for FREE. Get them here. 

I like the fast and reliable services in both sequencing and oligo synthesis.

Rodriguez M. Italy

Online ordering is very simple and fast. Fast shipping.

Audrey F., France

At Eurofins Genomics we honor the science of life
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